Friday, December 22, 2006

The Vice President and Condoms

(My Letter to Jakarta Post)

“Use condoms!” says our Vice President. “It will still be a sin, but use one so you won’t infect your wife or children.” Sound moral advice indeed. If you are going to commit adultery, think about your wife and…use a condom. I thought the end of the sentence would be “don’t do it” or “go home”. Adultery is not good, he says, but better to have adultery with a condom than adultery without one.

A member of the Vice President’s party is now embroiled in a sex scandal. I wonder if he was a faithful party member and wore a condom. So what will the next piece of sound moral advice for the public be? Here are some ideas for us to consider:

For terrorists: if you really must explode bombs in public, then please do it near a hospital. That way your victims wont have far to crawl to get medical treatment. Better to have a bomb near a hospital than far away.

For drug traffickers: if you really must bring drugs into the country, please only bring marijuana. It not as dangerous as cocaine or heroine. Better to have kids smoking dope than snorting cocaine.

For corrupters: if you really must steal the people’s money, please hide it well in your relative’s bank account. If the prosecutors can’t find it, they won’t be able to put you in prison and our country will look like it’s clean. Better to have no ministers charged with corruption than have the prisons full of them.

Do we really have to choose between the lesser of two evils? How about no evil at all? It’s sad that our leaders have such difficulty in providing a strong moral example for the nation’s children to follow.

Gene Netto

Jakarta, Indonesia

3 December 2006

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