Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iraqis shot 'for wearing shorts'

Ini benar-benar luar biasa: manusia ditembak mati hanya karena memakai celana pendek. Tentu saja di media barat, hal gila seperti ini "membuktikan" bahwa Islam tidak benar. Tetapi media masa juga tidak pernah bertanya kalau hal seperti ini ada dalil dalam Islam atau apakah si pembunuh orang gila yang main hakim sendiri tanpa hak.

The coach of Iraq's tennis team and two players were shot dead in Baghdad on Thursday, said Iraqi Olympic officials.

Coach Hussein Ahmed Rashid and players Nasser Ali Hatem and Wissam Adel Auda were killed in the al-Saidiya district of the capital.

Witnesses said the three were dressed in shorts and were killed days after militants issued a warning forbidding the wearing of shorts.

Other Iraqi athletes have been targeted in recent incidents.

In this case, according to accounts, the men dropped off laundry and were then stopped in their vehicle by gunmen.


Two of the athletes stepped out of the car and were shot in the head, said one witness. The third was shot dead in the vehicle.

"The gunman took the body out of the car and threw it on top of the other two bodies before stealing the car," said the witness, who requested anonymity.

He said leaflets had been recently distributed in the area warning residents not to wear shorts.

Last week, 15 members of Iraq's taekwondo team were kidnapped between Falluja and Ramadi, west of Baghdad, said a member of the Iraqi Olympic Committee. The kidnappers have demanded $100,000 for their release.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/05/26 16:54:00 GMT