22 December, 2020

I Converted to Islam Because Of Santa Claus!

A teacher in America was fired for telling schoolchildren that Santa Claus is not real. In many countries, all adults must lie to all children. If you say that Santa is not real, other adults will get angry because they are still busy lying. When I was a child, I remember a serious argument with my mother because we were staying at my uncle's house, but there was no chimney. How would Santa get into the house and deliver my presents? My mother laughed and said she would open a window. My logical brain was confused. If Santa could use a window, then why not use a door, and why use a small and dirty chimney? That was illogical! Something strange was going on.

A few years later, my older brother showed me all the presents in our parents' room, and he told me Santa Claus was a lie. I was so shocked! Why did my parents lie to me?! Whenever I told a lie, I would be punished. But they were bigger liars than me, and so they could not be trusted! I began to examine everything I had learned from my "lying parents". I found out that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were also not real, and then I started reading adult books about the origins of Christianity when I was 10 years old.

I learned that Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, and no one knows who wrote the Bible, and the writers probably never met Jesus. There was nothing in the original language of Jesus (Aramaic), and no one knows who translated those stories into Greek. But then I also discovered that Jesus never went to a "church", on a "Sunday", to read "the Bible", and say "Mass", in a "foreign language", while staring at a "Cross", and praying "to Jesus" (as Almighty God). So, all the things that Christians did to "follow Jesus" were never actually done by Jesus. So, who were they following?

Nothing that I had been told was based on truth and reality, and so, I became an atheist. When I finally met a Muslim 10 years later, he explained that Islam is a logical religion. I was surprised. I thought all religions were illogical. After I studied Islam for 5 years, I felt "forced to become a Muslim" (by my own brain) because there was a clear and logical basis in the teachings of Islam.

So, I was able to convert to Islam because of Santa Claus! More precisely, after knowing that all adults had lied about Santa, I began a search for "the Truth" about everything else, especially religion. I wanted religious teachings that were logical, true, and free from lies or corruption. Everything I was looking for is available in Islam. Muslim parents teach their children to be honest, and they explain Islam honestly, without any need for lies. But the most important thing is that we have one clear example to follow: The Prophet Muhammad PBUH!

Santa Claus entering hundreds of millions of houses, through chimneys, delivering tens of billions of presents, to all Christian children, in one night is illogical! And eventually, all Christian parents are forced to admit that they had been lying to their children for years. I hope that everyone who does not like being lied to will be able to find the clear and logical Truth of Islam, just like I did. So, thank you Santa, for helping me convert to Islam!
-Gene Netto

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